Create an Investigative Case for Incidents, Tours, Reports, and More

By The Trackforce Team | June 01, 2020 | | | No Comments

We’ve created a way for users to set up investigative reports on open or pending issues that require further review. Users can create a case by linking logbook items together to establish an overarching case overview.

These logbook items can include:

  • The original incident report
  • Guard tour details
  • Response reports
  • Guard shift details during the incident
  • Visitor details
  • And more

Users with set permission will be able to create a new case or add an item to an open case by selecting items via the logbook page. Once items are linked to a case, all users will see a link icon to indicate its connection to a case.

blog 3 ss 1

When reviewing a report, users will see a new table listing all of the linked items in that case.

Clicking on each linked item will open a details box.

Blog 3 ss 2

Users will also have access to a case history detailing who linked or unliked cases and when it was done so.

blog 3 ss3

Benefit: Easily collect and access all relevant case information in one centralized location.

Should you have any questions regarding this update, please contact your Customer Success Representative.


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