December Product Update

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Safely Optimize Your Visitor Pre-Screening Process

To streamline the visitor management process, the GuardTek platform will now allow supervisors to upload a list of pre-screened visitors.

This will help ensure that guards on site can maintain physical distancing requirements when processing visitors.
Users can upload a pre-screened Excel or CSV visitor list.




Stay Compliant with Better Guard Break and Shift Management

To help maintain proper guard break and shift management, this latest GuardTek enhancement allows customers to dictate mandatory guard break length, including specifying time frames. This update includes:

Guard Break Management

  • A timer that prevents guards from continuing their shift until their break is complete
  • A fail safe emergency end-break justification that will allow guards to end their break and start their shift early in the case of an emergency



Start and End Shift Management
When a guard starts or ends their shift, supervisors can configure the launch of a “Start Shift and End Shift” activity report for guards to complete. The “Start Shift and End Shift” activity report will be available for use in both Post and m-Post.



Enhancements to Push-to-Talk & Improvements to Photo Upload Usability

Push-to-Talk (All Users)
We know that Push-to-Talk is an essential communication method for our clients; that’s why in managing multiple channels, we’ve added the ability for users to select a default channel.

Push-to-Talk (Sonim XP 8 Users)
For users of the Sonim XP 8 device, the physical button is now enabled Push-to-Talk.

Upload Photos from Phone Gallery
Users can now select photos from the phone’s gallery to attach in any report. This option can be enabled and disabled in the GuardTek platform’s account setting.


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