Password Security for all Users Now Extended to m-Post

By The Trackforce Team | June 01, 2020 | | | No Comments

In complying with password security best practices, Trackforce introduced more strict password security requirements for all its users of both Post and m-Post.

Password security is important to protect your data and we want to ensure that our own systems reflect this. The latest update will enforce strong password requirements to all Android users regardless of company size or location. 

This feature is for Android users only for now but will be available on iOS at a later time. We will keep you informed in a future communication. 

As a reminder, There are few things to keep notice:

  • Passwords will require to be changed between 2 weeks and 5 years or by default every 180 days. 15 days prior to the deadline you have chosen, all users will be notified to renew their password each time they log into the application
  • By default, the 4 passwords previously used CANNOT be used again (note that this rule only applies from the day it is put in production, i.e., May 20, 2020)​
  • This does NOT impact connecting to the system via NFC badge

Benefit: A stronger password policy ensures your data is more secure and less likely to be compromised by a security breach.

Should you have any questions or require help in setting up a password policy, please contact your Customer Success Representative.


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