Updated Look and Feel for the Date Picker in the Logbook

By The Trackforce Team | April 02, 2021 | | | No Comments

There is a brand-new design for the Date Picker in the logbook enabling users to select the start/end dates and to easily apply the selected date range with the click of a button.

Logbook 1-1

  • The predefined time ranges (i.e., Last 24 Hours, Last 48 Hours) are removed because these are now displayed in the Date Picker.

Logbook 2

  • The export to Excel and to PDF buttons are combined in a single button "Export Reports" button with a dropdown.

Logbook 3

  • The "Add to Case" and "Create New Case" buttons are displayed when at least one Logbook table entry checkbox is selected.
Logbook 4

  • The checkboxes in the Logbook table are disabled if the table entry is already linked to a case.

Logbook 5


  • The “Filter by Activity Type” menu is now an accordion instead of a dropdown selection.

Logbook 6


  • If the user has “MERGED_LOGBOOK” rights the dropdown on the application header displays the Customer list instead of Guardroom list, and the Logbook table displays an additional column called Guardroom since the Logbook table entries are fetched for all the guardrooms that are under the selected Customer.

Logbook 7


  • Lastly, the priority icons also went through a design refresh.
Logbook 8

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